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Blister taping machines

SGM 165

Blister taping machine for packaging SMD components or other small mechanical parts with component feeding from: vibration bowl stacks Maschine description: Fully automated taping machine for SMD components or other small mechanical parts Tape width 8 to 56 mm, pocket depth 14 mm (standard) Larger tape width possible on request Easy conversion to another component type within a few minutes Output: up to 4000 parts/hour possible Reel diameters: 560 mm unwinding, 330 mm winding Siemens S7 PLC touch panel Automatic discharge device for sticks Automatic component handling by vakuum sucker Hot sealing device or cold sealing device Option: electronic turning station, 90° steps Option: Automatic ejection of bad components (into stacks or chute) Option: Cutting device Option: 2D or 3D camera system for mark inspection and lead inspection Modular construction Custom design possible Automatic adjustment of tape feed Various adjustable parameters: e.g. nominal quantity, leader length, trailer length, hot sealing temperature, time, and pressure, tolerance of sealing temperature, automatic cutting, vacuum settings. Transparent protective cover, ESD option Electric drive (step motor) Operation voltage: 230V Air supply: 6 bar (for hot sealing and cutting device) Dimensions: length x width x height: 1800 mm x 2500 mm x 1900 mm Weight: approx. 250 kg
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