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Radial component

preparation machine

LBM 80

Cutting, bending and crimping machine for the processing of electronic components with radial leads, feeding from - stacks - vibration bowl - tape - hand (by small capacity) Machine description: Standard tools for TO5, TO18, TO92, TO126, TO218, TO220, TO252 Tools for processing electrolytic capacitors (only from tape possible) Tools for polarity protection (only with taped components possible) Tools as customized versions available Tools made with carbide to guarantee high durability Tools are driven by cam discs Component body is always tension released during processing Minimal pressure marks on the wire Lead diameters: 0.4 - 1.3 mm Pin length and crimping deepness are infinitely adjustable Component pitch 25.4 mm (1”) or 12.7 mm (½”) Tape hole pitch 12.7 mm (½”), alternatively 15.0 mm Easy exchange of tools to another component type possible within a few minutes Cutting tool for shredding the tape (optional available) Output: up to 5000 components/hour (depending on component and processing) Controller PLC Biviator (Switzerland); different parameters adjustable; plain text display Transparent protective cover, ESD optional Electric drive (three-phase motor) Power consumption: max. 900 W Operation voltage: 230V/50Hz (standard), other voltages are available on demand Air supply: 6 bar by pneumatic demand Length x width x height (without accessories): 1100 x 800 x 1200 mm Weight: approx. 80 kg (without accessories)
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